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The Tailored Treatment Approach – with Dr. Rajiv Ghandi

A version of this article originally appeared in KREMBIL magazine, Arthritis 2019.

Nestled inside Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) sits one of the country’s most revolutionary rehab clinics: Altum Health.

Altum Health headquarters are at TWH, but there are also 10 satellite clinics across Ontario. Each clinic has the same focus: early intervention and integrated delivery of care.

In the past, a patient might receive care from a single practitioner. Today, people who come to Altum Health are seen by a variety of specialists. Physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists work together to come up with a highly tailored treatment program for each person.

Tailored Treatment approach Dr. Rajiv Ghandi
Dr. Gandhi

The tailored treatment approach helps patients receive better, and often more effective, care. “A lot of patients come for back pain assessment and find that a good course of physiotherapy can fix their problem,” explains Dr. Rajiv Gandhi, an orthopedic surgeon at TWH as well as medical director of Altum Health. When it comes to surgery patients, Altum Health provides “prehab” before an operation and then rehab after it, because “the stronger you are going into surgery, the faster you recover,” says Dr. Gandhi.

Once it’s over, Altum’s surgeons and specialists will create a detailed recovery plan.

“Patients feel a sense of confidence knowing that all of their health providers are on the same page, and they’re talking to each other and learning from each other.”

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