The Care You Need With A Plan You Can Understand.

Altum Health Is a Network of Ontario-based Health Clinics Dedicated to Your Recovery







One Plan for Your Recovery

You won’t feel alone getting passed around from one disconnected doctor to the next. Our network of specialists work closely together, partnering with you so you can feel better.


We will make sure we hear your voice, meet your needs, and that you always know we are dedicated to your recovery. The Right Care, Always.

Evidence-Based Care

Since we are part of the University Health Network, you can feel confident that your specialist is basing their treatment on the best evidence and the latest research.


Whether you are injured, experiencing an ongoing illness, or have consistent aches and pains, our services cover the full spectrum of care you will need to get back to feeling healthy again.

Anyone, no matter what they are suffering with, should be able to have access to the care they need with a plan they can understand.

Here’s how we can help you

The first step on your path to recovery is contacting us. Select an option below and get your health back.

A Team of
Dedicated to
Your Care

Altum Health has 13 clinics all across Ontario. We provide a range of healthcare services to anyone in need.

We help you find the right treatment, a personalized recovery plan and assist with making sure you have insurance coverage (we work with all even if they don’t have insurance, self pay, extended benefits, etc.).  Altum Health is a proud member of the University Health Network (UHN), a group of four premier research hospitals, and one educational institute that have served Canadians for over two hundred years.

All revenue generated by Altum Health goes to the funding of UHN. We return the benefits to the citizens of Ontario in the form of healthcare services or research that improves healthcare in Canada.

When you are injured or facing chronic pain, you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Get a personalized treatment plan today to get you back to what matters most. Contact us Today.

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