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Our Services

We believe that anyone should be able to go to one location and have easy access to the care that they need. Every patient should be able to get clear instructions and a plan that will make them feel confident to do their daily activities and feel healthy again.

Physical Injury and Conditions

We understand how an injury can affect every area of your life from personal to work and even your recreation. We offer a full range of services including Physiotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Orthotics and Bracing.

Mental Health

One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives (Mental Health Commission of Canada). Unfortunately, not everyone feels comfortable asking for help!

Altum Health has experienced clinical psychologists and other healthcare professionals who provide assessment and treatment of common mental health conditions related to mood, trauma, pain and concussion-related emotional and psychological symptoms.


A concussion is an injury to the brain which results in a constellation of symptoms. Sometimes there is a loss of consciousness and memory lapse, but that is not always the case.

Altum Health offers access to  healthcare professionals who can provide concussion assessment and treatment interventions based on best practices and best available evidence.

Common Questions

Coverage options

Altum Health services are covered by most extended health insurance companies and in some cases Veterans Affairs and Medicare – such as OHIP (Ontario), Alberta Health Care and Medical Service Plan MSP (British Columbia). Not sure if you’re covered? No problem. We can help you find out (and usually within the hour). Just call us toll free at 1-800-400-7049.

At Altum Health we believe your health should come first. We take care of the paperwork so you can focus on getting better, plus we offer direct insurance billing, saving you time and up front costs.

Do we need a doctor’s referral to seek physiotherapy services?

You do not need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy. However, if you are going to use your health insurance to cover the cost of therapy, the insurance provider may ask you for a doctor’s referral.

How can I be sure that physiotherapy is right or my health problem?

Physiotherapy focuses on removing the cause of the problem as opposed to superficially treating the symptoms. This process may take some time, but the results are often more permanent with less chance of the disorder returning.

What can I expect on my first appointment with a physiotherapist?

Although each clinic’s approach to intake, assessment and therapy do vary, generally speaking your physiotherapist will ask a series of questions that will help better describe all of your symptoms in detail. Your physiotherapist can then carry out your assessment. The physiotherapist will examine you physically and discuss the findings, the cause of the problem, and suggest a solution that can effectively treat your health problem.

How long does each physiotherapy session last?

Appointment usually takes about an hour for a full assessment. Subsequent treatments can be shorter or longer depending upon the condition and the treatment required. Subsequent physiotherapy treatments can be twenty to thirty minutes in length.

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