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Concussion Therapy and the Great Raveled Knot

By Dr. Charmody Laughton

The brain is a mystery and complicated structure.  My first psychology professor referred to it as the “Great Raveled Knot.” 

Scientists have mapped many of the brain’s functions. However, much of the brain remains a mystery.  There is one thing we know well about the human brain.  When it is in a state of injury or distress, it can create a whole collection of symptoms that may not be seen. However, this does not mean they do not exist. Unseen symptoms are a very real experience for those suffering from them and concussion therapy can help.

How Can Concussion Therapy Help Me?

A clinician will take a comprehensive history of your injury to better understand your symptom experience and to identify affected areas of the nervous system. A physical examination follows where the clinician may do tests to assess the cranial nerves, balance, coordination, memory, cognition, and visual reflexes. 

After the physical exam, your clinician should inform you of the findings, and create a treatment plan.  At the forefront of this treatment plan is education and self-treatment strategies.  These can include topics such as planning and pacing, nutrition, sleep hygiene, coping strategies for your symptoms, etc.  Furthermore, progressive rehabilitative exercises help retrain your brain’s processes for balance, visual stimuli, cardiovascular endurance, and postural strength.

Word to the Wise From a Fellow Concussion Sufferer

Concussion and post-concussion syndrome can be a long hard road if you do it alone. 

I suffered for 2 years because I just didn’t know any better.  As I was suffering, science was just starting on concussion rehab.

Once I got a handle on my sleep, nutrition, lifestyle and a disequilibrium issue, suddenly my symptoms resolved.  I will never know if I had done it sooner whether this would’ve been the case, but I do know that having someone help you through the process is better than spending life on the sidelines.

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Dr. Charmody Laughton is a Chiropractor at UHN Altum Health, based out of our Toronto Western Hospital outpatient clinic on the 4th floor of the Krembil Discovery tower.

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