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Virtual Care at Altum Health

COVID-19 Notice

In accordance with provincial guidelines and local public health directives, all Altum Health clinics will continue to remain open to provide care, while maintaining all required distancing and safety precautions. Before coming to one of our clinics, please review our standards of safety for everyone, visit and

Any steps we take now will also include planning for another potential interruption of service resulting from COVID-19.

Please note some clinic entrances may be closed or have reduced access. 


Clients and Patients of UHN Altum Health have the option to receive care virtually.

A virtual video visit does not require in-person attendance at one of our clinic locations. Instead, team members of Altum Health will connect with you via video using a secure encrypted platform.

We will not be able to do any hands-on care during this visit, but rest assured, our team will be able to help you get the care you need, even if we can’t see you in person. We have over a decade of experience in using this method of providing care.

Will Virtual Care Work For Me?

Our clinicians provide you care based on your individual need. They start by assessing your current condition, how you are functioning at home, identifying goals you might have, and making recommendations on the next steps in your care.

Clinicians provide you with education as well as an appropriate exercise and activity pacing program to ensure you can meet your goals. Our team will be able to help you get the care you need even if we can’t see you in person.

If you are feeling any hesitancy, please note that studies including those completed at UHN Altum Health have found that video visits can be as effective as in-person visits.

Setting up your device
  • A recent model of computer or smartphone is required.
    • The computer must run an operating system of Windows 7, 8, 10, or Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
    • Smartphone must be Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 9 or later, or Android phone or tablet with Android version 7 or later
    • Device must have a functioning camera and microphone (or headset)
  • Password protected Wi-Fi connection with a minimum speed of 10Mbps (Megabits per second).
    • Cannot be over a public network such as a library, coffee shop, or community center as these are not considered secure or private
    • If you don’t know your internet speed, click on the “GO” button to the right of this webpage. The automatic speed test will begin measuring your connection speed.
What If I Don't Have the Minimum Requirements?

If you do not have access to a device or internet connection that will work for a video call, there are still some health care needs that can be met by over-the-phone appointments.

If this is the only option available to you, a clinical practice leader (CPL) or clinician will follow up with you to explain the next steps.

During this follow up, the CPL or clinician will ask additional questions, such as possible difficulties you may be facing at home, goals you may want to achieve, and how you are sleeping. The call will also include an explanation of why we are transitioning to virtual care and set the expectation for how many times per week a virtual visit may take place.

How to figure out what version of operating system you have

Windows Computer

Open your Start Menu and search for ‘Settings’. When the Settings window opens, click on ‘System’ and then About.

Here is a video that you can share which has two separate ways to find the same information:

Apple MAC OS

Select the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen.  From the menu, choose “About This Mac”.  You’ll see the macOS name, such as “macOS Mojave”, followed by its version number.

Android Phone/Tablet

For an Android Phone, you can click on the ‘Settings’ app. Near the bottom of the page, you should see ‘About Phone’. If you click on that, there should be an ‘Android Version’ listed.


For an iPad or iPhone, you click on the ‘Settings’ App. Then click on ‘General’ and ‘About’ and you will see the Software Version.

What Happens After I Accept a Virtual Care Appointment?

Your care team will schedule your virtual visit. You will then receive an email that contains your care provider’s name and the date and time of your virtual visit.  The email will also contain a link, and instructions on using the platform selected for your care.

Please visit our locations page to contact the clinic closest to your location if you have any questions regarding your appointment, or if you do not receive an email as described above.

Prior to the video call, we ask that you provide a preferred telephone number in case there are technical difficulties during the virtual visit and we need to reach you by phone instead.

If during your virtual visit, the care provider feels that an in-person visit is required, they will speak with you about options to get the care you need.

You will receive confirmation of your appointment, links to electronic questionnaires, and other general information such as electronic satisfaction surveys to help us improve the quality of care we deliver by email.


Privacy and Security

All electronic communication including virtual visits and email carries some risk. For information about how to protect your privacy during virtual visits and when using the internet and email, we will send you an information sheet electronically.

You may withdraw your consent for virtual visits at any time by contacting the clinic closest to you. Please visit our Locations page for contact information and business hours.

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