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Quality Care

Altum Health sets the benchmark for highest quality standards in rehabilitation services. We evaluate our services and outcomes against industry results and set high standards to ensure that we deliver the best care in the industry. While our results and outcomes are industry best, we are constantly focused on continuous improvement and developing new standards.


Altum Health treatment programs have met the rigorous quality standards of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

CARF accredited programs (click to download PDF)

Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation – Single and Interdisciplinary

Occupational Rehabilitation Program – General and Comprehensive

Independent Evaluations Program

Culture of Quality

With a mission of ‘The Right Care, Always’ Altum Health’s clinicians are precisely focused on delivering quality care, every day, with every patient. We solicit transparent feedback and input for suggestions on improvement from our stakeholders to ensure we are continually focused on providing an exemplary patient experience for every patient in our care.

Our leadership team equally empowers our people to be innovative in creative problem solving and bringing new ideas forward to both best serve our clients and produce optimized outcomes across all programs and locations in our network.

Quality and Continuous Improvement is part of our DNA. This has enabled us to be industry leaders in delivering outcomes related to effectiveness, access and patient satisfaction .

Ensuring Quality Care

We collect outcomes through the use of standardized patient rated outcome measurement tools as well as client satisfaction from all our patients. This information is collected electronically and analyzed by our dedicated Integrated Performance Measurement Team.

Quality of care is best understood by measuring not only clinical and processing outcomes but also understanding the experiences of clients through our patient satisfaction surveys and comments. Results are reviewed monthly against benchmarks and targets and we work together as a team to constantly find areas for improvement.

This precision focus on outcomes has enabled the Altum team to improve clinical decision making, evolve and further develop our programs and services, and be industry leaders in demonstrating value for the service.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

Quality of care contributes to client outcomes and considers service delivery and whether services measure up to industry benchmarks and evidence; whether they are client centric and produce the desired outcomes. This is how we define quality – which is aligned with Health Care Quality Ontario’s vision. (

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Common Questions

Do we need a doctor’s referral to seek physiotherapy services?

You do not need a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy. However, if you are going to use your health insurance to cover the cost of therapy, the insurance provider may ask you for a doctor’s referral.

How can I be sure that physiotherapy is right or my health problem?

Physiotherapy focuses on removing the cause of the problem as opposed to superficially treating the symptoms. This process may take some time, but the results are often more permanent with less chance of the disorder returning.

What can I expect on my first appointment with a physiotherapist?

Although each clinic’s approach to intake, assessment and therapy do vary, generally speaking your physiotherapist will ask a series of questions that will help better describe all of your symptoms in detail. Your physiotherapist can then carry out your assessment. The physiotherapist will examine you physically and discuss the findings, the cause of the problem, and suggest a solution that can effectively treat your health problem.

How long does each physiotherapy session last?

Appointment usually takes about an hour for a full assessment. Subsequent treatments can be shorter or longer depending upon the condition and the treatment required. Subsequent physiotherapy treatments can be twenty to thirty minutes in length.

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