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Easy Fall Prevention Tips from the Altum Health Pros

November is one of our favorite cold months of the year. “Why?” you might ask? Because it is Fall Prevention Month! As health care providers that see tons and tons of injuries resulting from falls, we love spreading the word on prevention and fall prevention tips.

The facts

The World Health Organization reports that falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury and deaths worldwide. 37.3 million falls occur each year that are severe enough to require medical attention.

Similarly, this handy infographic from Parachute Canada reveals that unintentional falls are the leading cause of injury in Ontario for those aged 65 and over.

Slips and trips, falls on stairs, and falls from furniture resulted in 123,006 emergency department visits and 26,725 hospitalizations.

With those numbers in mind, here are a few fall prevention tips

Firstly, keep your living space tidy!

We all know that with a busy week things tend to pile up. Tripping hazards are easily avoided by putting things away that don’t belong on the ground.

Secondly, wear proper shoes.

Sometimes it’s best to swap out the latest trend for a pair of comfortable shoes with a good grip (…but sometimes you can find a two in one option)! High heels, flexible slippers, and shoes with slick soles can cause a slip and fall. When the grounds become slippery or you are in a rush it is all too easy to create the perfect storm to result in a fall.

Fall prevention tips

And thirdly, but not least, stay active!

Exercises that strengthen your lower body and work on your balance can help prevent a fall by improving your coordination and stability. We recommend that a health care professional provide these exercises. Exercises that are specific to you and what your body needs are best!

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