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Celebrating Administrative Professionals

April is the month we recognize the incredible contributions made by the administrative professionals on staff here at Altum, and we’re sharing a couple of stories straight from the professionals themselves!

There is no better time to share appreciation and spread positivity for all of our administrative professional colleagues.

Our first administrative professional is Alexander Bautista, from the Vaughan clinic.

Alexander Bautista

As an administrator, a big part of the job is getting patients into the clinic to receive treatment so our clinicians can help and get them back to living their life pain-free.

Over the past year, there have been many ups and downs as we continue to work through unprecedented times. Here, I will highlight one of the successes I have had with one of the patients:

A very pain-focused patient was very hesitant to attend treatment as she believed the treatment would not benefit her. She was challenging me with how our treatment will be better compared to other community clinics. After explaining the specific program to the patient, she finally came to the decision to attend treatment at Altum Health. Throughout her treatment, she was very happy with the progress she had so far. On the last day of her treatments and being discharged from the program, she was very thankful that I did not give up on her and gave her a little push to start her treatments. She noted how seeing such a positive attitude from myself helped her go to appointments.

Our next staff story comes from Nelia Santos, from our Cambridge clinic.

This past year has been challenging for all of us, to say the least. We have all had to learn how to manage and pivot in our personal, family and work lives.

As difficult as it has been I am incredibly proud to have been able to help lead the CSR team in Cambridge during this time. Not only were we able to navigate through the ongoing changes in process, protocols, and restrictions, we also took on the challenge of shifting our buckets of work. This shift for all of us has allowed us not only an opportunity to learn and experience what our fellow CSR team members do day to day but as a team, we are now cross-trained and able to fill in as needed for one another. At this time when we are all facing more work from home days, children doing online learning, etc it has been an important shift for us.

Any successes that I have been able to be a part of this year at Altum Health Cambridge have come from being able to help lead this amazing CSR Team.

A big thank you to all the administrative professionals out there who are not always seen or recognized, but do support the backbone of a business and keep the wheels turning!

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