Our Leadership

Ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients is what inspires and guides us.  We are a highly motivated team of health care and management professionals who are passionate about delivering an exemplary patient experience to every patient in our care.

Our Medical Leadership Team

We have selected a remarkable team of health care professionals who work closely with our physicians who are well recognized as leaders in their field. These are the people that make a difference.  These are the people that are committed to providing an exemplary experience to our clients, every day.

A Division of the University Health Network

Our Corporate Leadership Team

Our leadership team is dedicated to supporting our people to deliver the right care, always.  We are passionate about the impact we make in the lives of our patients, our teams and on the future of healthcare in Canada.

  • Eric Simmons
    Eric Simmons Chief executive officer
  • Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith Head of People
  • Michelle Eyre
    Michelle Eyre Director of Auto Insurer Services
  • Dr. Jason Bradley
    Dr. Jason Bradley Head of Regional Operations & Business Growth
  • Wendy Lawlor
    Wendy Lawlor Director TWH Site & WSIB
  • Sylvia Boddener
    Sylvia Boddener Senior Director Programs & Quality
  • Roma Bisnath
    Roma Bisnath Senior Director of Finance
  • Aaron Hendriks
    Aaron Hendriks IT Director

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